It has been some time since civilization nearly became but a footnote in a would-be unwritten history…

Three hundred years now have passed since last the gods found themselves challenged by the Beast Within The Myst.

By its Breath, and the hand of its Brood; many cities of all humanoids were razed. By the span of six days, they were pushed from the edges of the world gathering in many a failed final stand.

On the first hour of the sixth day there was a mighty rending of the earth for Altus of Final Law pulled the last forces of civilization away from the other lands so that they may rest and be free to reel at their losses. It is at this final chimeric island that they now reside.

It was in the second hour that the waves swelled and towered miles in the sky charging the shorelines and raking in waves of the Brood to sink under its pristine blue. Relik of Endless Wit had, in one move; culled the Beast’s frontlines.

With the third hour Mileina the Unbound Gale summoned up the winds of the world. They roared to life and danced into a furious gale that laid low all of their foundations and buried all of their burrows.

In the final hour, it was Tana the Coy Flame who caressed Mileina’s harrowing winds into a furious fit of lightning that set the lands ablaze.

The Brood was scattered and out in the open, their numbers unable to be massed into a force any longer. The Beast withdrew into the Myst, his breath lingering upon the world and ravaging the shapes and forms with its raw magic.

For humanity, elvenkind, dwarves, and the like, it was a new beginning. In some ways, it left the world ravaged and created feelings of terror and shock. In others it left curiosity, ambition even.

After all…
They had a whole new world to discover.

Another Cataclysm has ravaged civilization. Recovery has been a long process, progress is slow. Athum is lost.

Civilization, now stranded within the great tree of Ozia which has grown its way deep underground, finds itself in what had become the Lost Lands. Beaten, but not broken, they strive to make their place in the world, even if it is clear they are starting over.

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