Altus of Final Law

God of Earth, Law, and Leadership.


Father Altus

Lawful Good

Major Spheres: Earth, Law, Leadership.

Domains Accepted: Earth, Law, Nobility, Good, Community, Sun.

Favored Weapon: Longsword OR Light Mace

Holy Symbol: A staff with wings coming off of it.

Other Names: The Savior of Humanity, Highmost Head, and Father Verim.

Depicted as a tall man with short blonde hair and a trim mustache-goatee combination.

He wears glittering scale armor etched with runic symbols far too old to decipher.
In his left hand is a jeweled scepter made of silver and platinum, topped with a diamond and golden coils around it. He also has a pair of angelic wings on his back.

In his right hand he carries a beautiful longsword etched with similar runes as his scepter.

He is shown to have blue eyes often having sapphire stones used in statues to depict him.

Despite his excellent armor and immaculate appearance, he is often shown as having bare feet covered in dirt.


The unofficial head of the Highmost Four.

He is looked to for many a final decision and his input is always valued.
Considered by many to be the true mind behind the creation of humanoids and humankind once all other races had been seeded upon the earth of Verim.

Many a paladin and cleric pledge their devotion to his favor as well as other valiant heroes who fight in the name of the common good.

It is he who shaped the lands, and he who pulled the remnants of civilization from the brink of destruction at the hands of the Brood.

He makes the city of Celestair in Heavenrealm his home.

Servants of Altus

Choose one at 1st level. As a cleric, you must choose the corresponding domain or one of its subdomains to receive this benefit. You only receive the benefits of your first domain choice, not both of your 2 that are chosen.


Servants of Altus may perform an hour long ritual (-2 minutes per divine class level after 1st that serves Altus). At the end of this ritual they make a DC 10 Wisdom or Charisma check. On success they can increase the enhancement bonus of a mundane weapon by +1. This lasts for 1 hour per level.


A Paladin of Altus’s smite evil knocks creatures prone on a hit (DC 10 + Paladin level, better of Fortitude or Reflex save negates). Can spend 1 additional use of smite to increase DC by 5.
At 10th, a creature that harbors this paladin’s smite treats any area threatened by the paladin as difficult terrain.(Earth)

When a Paladin of Altus hits a Chaotic Evil Outsider, they may activate Smite Evil as an immediate action and apply it’s effects immediately (including on that very attack).
At 10th this requires no extra action. The paladin may choose to expend a smite at any time they wish against targets they know are Chaotic Evil.(Law)

When a Paladin successfully hits a smited enemy, all her allies gain a +1 morale bonus on their next attack rolls per 4 paladin levels (max 5).
At 10th, this bonus counts as both sacred and morale for benefits of both.(Nobility/Leadership)


A Cleric of Altus’s channel positive energy ability gives all allies DR 1/- for every 4 cleric levels (max 5). This stacks with some other DR effects but not all. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to their WIS modifier.

At 10th, a cleric of Altus can spontaneously cast any earthy-based spell. (Earth)

A Cleric of Altus’s channel positive energy ability gives all allies Protection from Chaos using cleric’s caster level appropriately. It only lasts 1 round per 4 cleric levels(max 5).
At 10th, a cleric of Altus increases the DC of spells cast against Chaotic creatures by 1 and the duration is 1 round longer.(Law)

A Cleric of Altus’s can use one use of their channel ability to cast Remove Fear on one ally as a touch spell. This counts as a Supernatural Ability when used in this way. A second use of Channel Energy may be expended in order to completely neutralize the fear effect instead of simply suppressing it.
At 10th, this ability also grants the creature immunity to Fear to 1d6 rounds.(Nobility/Leadership)

Altus of Final Law

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