Mileina the Unbound Gale

Goddess of Air, Freedom, and Exploration


Lady Mileina

Chaotic Good

Major Spheres: Air, Freedom, Exploration.
Domains Accepted: Air, Liberation, Travel, Good, Weather, Sun.

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Holy Symbol: Silver Feather

Other Names: The Unbound Gale, Silver Raven, and Lady Wanderlust.

She is often shown as a petite woman with bright green eyes and long snowy hair that has platinum feathers growing out of it. She wears silk robes and several loose golden bracelets. Often shown with a long bow or two short, curves blades.

Her feet are almost always bare or simply wrapped, and she is often in motion rather than placed in a stationary pose.

She is shown to have green eyes often has emerald stones used in statues to depict them.


The explorer of the Highmost Four.

She is a font of experience and useful, if obscure; facts. She has a better grasp of mortal trial and emotions than most other deities as her boundless curiosity is not supported by foresight and logic, but by trial.

Mileina is revered by all but especially those who wish to make their own choices and remain accepting of many walks of life. Her devoted tend to be some of the most morally relaxed if not upstanding members of polite society.

As the bringer of the winds she gave the world motion and imparted her gift of freedom among many aspects of the personalities and essence of Verim’s sentient humanoids, especially mankind. Their minds are allowed to roam free and seek out the unknown. She gave Verim winds for flight in birds, and for ships to sail.

She makes the city of Celestair in Heavenrealm her home.

Servants of Mileina

A Servant of Mileina can be any Good alignment, and in some cases Lawful Neutral. They are still not to commit evil acts, especially those that rob others of their freedoms.

_Choose one at 1st level. As a cleric, you must choose the corresponding domain or one of its subdomains to receive this benefit. You only receive the benefits of your first domain choice, not both of your 2 that are chosen. _


A Paladin of Mileina’s lay on hands can grant Feather Fall for 1 minute per paladin level. At 10th level they double this length for themselves. At 15th level a Paladin decreases the skill penalty and raises the max DEX of their armor worn by 3 as it effectively ceases to encumber them.(Air)

A Paladin or Mileina gets the Extra Mercy feat once they meet he prerequisites, and gain a +4 sacred bonus to CMD vs grapple and any checks to break a grapple or pin
At 10th they add this bonus to checks and saves against the entangled condition and can grant these bonus to any creature they use Lay on Hands on. (Liberation)

A Paladin of Mileina can ignore 10ft of difficult terrain per round. This increases to 15 feet at 5th, 20 at 10th, 25 at 15th, and 30 at 20th.
They also gain Low-Light or Darkvision if they already have Low-Light up to 60 feet. If Darkvision is already there, it’s distance is doubled. (Travel)


Clerics of Mileina can (as all clerics) pick two domains. Mileina’s are Air, Liberation, and Travel. These clerics can switch their secondary domain once per day after a 1 hour session of prayer and meditation. At 10th level this can be done twice per day. They can only change it to the 3rd domain that they didn’t pick.

A Cleric of Mileina can treat themselves as two size categories bigger or smaller against the effects of winds at will. A Cleric of Mileana gains 1 rank in Fly automatically each time they level.(Air)

A Cleric of Mileina gains a bonus to slip bonds or escape grapples equal to +1 per round they spend preparing. This caps at their character level. At 5th level this bonus is +2 per round, at 10th it is +3 per round and the bonus applies to all saves vs entangle or paralyze, at 15th they may use their Wisdom modifier in place of their Dex on Escape Artist checks and gain +4 per round. At 20th they gain +5 per round and roll twice taking the better result.(Liberation)

A Cleric of Mileina gains 1 rank in Survival every level. They also see twice as far as normal for their race and gain a +2 on perception checks bases on their sensory perception. Hunger, thirst, and sleep take twice as long to effect them as others. They do not make endurance checks for a forced march and gain a bonus equal to their CHA score on checks against fatigue from running or lack of sleep.(Travel)

Mileina the Unbound Gale

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