Relik of Endless Wit

God of Water, Strategy, and Magic.


Lord Relik

Neutral Good

Major Spheres: Water, Strategy, Magic.
Domains Accepted: Water, Tactics, Magic, Knowledge, Runes, Artifice.

Favored Weapon: Bo Staff

Holy Symbol: A pair of almond-like eye shapes with two parallel lines running over them.

Other Names: Apex of Genius, The Ebb and Flow, and The Everflowing Spring.

Depicted as a tall man with snowy-white medium-length hair and a clean shaven face. Almost always shown with a placid smile. There is an opalescent gem in the center of his forehead, two blue lines run from his hairline down over his eyes and to the end of his jaws, each parallel to the other. He has a fox’s tail sprouting out behind him often viewed as a reference to his cunning.

He wears thick ornate robes and chain beneath, carrying a bo staff in some depictions or a spear in others.
Often the subject of monasteries and churches preaching calm and peaceful lifestyles.

He is shown to have blue eyes often having aquamarine stones used in statues to depict them.

Relik is oftentimes sitting in a relaxed pose or leaning against something, rarely is he ever shown being truly taxed.


The strategist among the Highmost Four.

He is often revered as mastermind behind the sudden sweep of the Brood’s forces pushing them into a position they were unable to counterattack from.

Often studied by monks of many walks of life as well as pious military officers and other who need to maintain a steady disposition and quick mind.

The “Visions of Relik” is a sacred tome that contains hints and allusions to the origins of magic itself and information on the Mysts that the Gods weave to create, destroy, and alter. Any wizard or sorcerer worth his salt has read as many translated exerts from this as they can gather.

He makes the city of Celestair in Heavenrealm his home.

Servants of Relik

Choose one at 1st level. As a cleric, you must choose the corresponding domain or one of its subdomains to receive this benefit. You only receive the benefits of your first domain choice, not both of your 2 that are chosen.


A Paladin of Relik’s lay on hands may grant waterbreathing instead of healing at 5 mins per use. At 6th level, they can also imbue their armor with Buoyancy if used on themselves.
At 12th they can walk on water for a number of rounds per day equal to their Paladin level.
At 18th they gain a swim speed (or increase their swim speed) of 30ft.(Water)

When a Paladin of Relik successfully strikes a smited enemy her allies within 30 feet of it may all take a free 5-foot step.
At 10th level the Paladin gains 1 teamwork feat and treats all allies as if they have this teamwork feat once per combat per ally. Allies do not gain these benefits. (War – Tactics only)

A Paladin of Relik may learn wizard/sorcerer spells at 1 spell level lower (must use a 3rd level spell slot to cast 2nd level wiz/sorc spells). Get’s 1 free wizard or sorcerer 0 level spell at 1st level. (Magic)


A Cleric of Relik get the Waterway Caster feat for free and a 2 bonus on swim checks. They can also cast “Icicle” as a swift action(like a Quickened Spell) a number of times per day equal to CHA modifier1/4 their cleric level. (Water)

A Cleric of Relic adds their WIS modifier to their AC if they are wearing cloth or no armor as a Monk does. This bonus cannot exceed half their level (max 10). Anything that would deny them a DEX bonus to AC also denies them this WIS bonus. As an immediate action they may spend one use of Channel Energy to take a second five foot step in a round. This appears as if they simply slid into place without walking.
At 10th they can spend 2 uses of channel to have this slide movement carry them 10’.(War – Tactics only)

A Cleric of Relik can choose one school of magic (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation) and is able to learn spells from this school as a wizard. Effects that would be determined by INT in these spells are instead an average of INT and WIS. These spells cost one spell slot higher to cast unless they have the ‘water’ keyword in which case they are cast normally.(Magic)

Relik of Endless Wit

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