Tana the Coy Flame

Goddess of Fire, Trickery, and Charm


Mistress Tana

Chaotic Neutral

Major Spheres: Fire, Trickery, Charm.
Domains Accepted: Fire, Trickery, Charm, Chaos, Luck, Liberation.

Favored Weapon: Whip

Holy Symbol: A pair of horns with a flame resting between them.

Other Names: The Rapturous Flame, Queen of Misdirection, and Beauty in the Fire.

She is often shown as a tall, bronzed woman with a small pair of horns on her head. She has long wavy red hair and a curvy, alluring form. She wears a shawl and a revealing set of robes often shown with open sides. As a weapon she is shown to have a dagger or two. Her hands are always bare and gloveless, often wreathed in flames.

Her feet are almost always covered in boots, and her hands show a set of long claw-like nails.

Tana is shown to have yellow eyes often has topaz stones used in statues to depict her.


The trickster of the Highmost Four.

Tana is the voice of the opposition, offering a glimpse into the chaos of the other side of thee alignment. She offers dissent and challenge to the otherwise altruistic group of deities. She is a wild card, but she is necessary. Without her, they would lose touch with that which does not fall into their norm.

Paladins cannot serve under the whims of Tana, but rogues and bards often have some desire to learn of her. Clerics of Tana are often whimsical and loose-lipped, enjoying the moment rather than preparing for worrying over the future.

Other than the swathe of her flames, the Rapturous Flame has kept her role in the Cataclysm a secret. Many theories place her in different roles. A commonly held belief is that she tricked the Brood into running all of the races into the same area so that Altus could save them all at once.

She makes the city of Celestair in Heavenrealm her home.

Servants of Tana

A Servant of Tana can be Good or Neutral, but not Evil. They are still not to commit evil acts, especially those that rob others of their freedoms. This is said to be a sort of deal with the other Highmost despite her alignment

Some evil creatures despise the goddess for this, while others of varied alignment see this as something of an intelligent “business-like” move on her part, respecting her for it.

Choose one at 1st level. As a cleric, you must choose the corresponding domain or one of its subdomains to receive this benefit. You only receive the benefits of your first domain choice, not both of your 2 that are chosen.

Not allowable. Antipaladins and other evil creatures treat Tana worshipers only slightly better than other worshipers of good deities. Some go so far as to call her the “Divine Sellout”.


Clerics of Tana gain the Elemental Focus(fire) feat for free. At 6th level they gain the Elemental Spell (Metamagic) feat for free. Their Fire Bolt ignores 5 points of fire resistance. At 8th level, it ignores 10. At 16th it is near true divine fire and ignores all fire resistance. Immunity to fire resists 1/2.(Fire)

Clerics of Tana add Sleight of Hand to their class skills and DC’s to resist Illusions spells cast by them are 2 points higher. Once per day they can force an opponent to roll a save twice and take the worst result. (Trickery)

Clerics of Tana’s Charming Smile inflicts Fascinate if it succeeds by 5 or more and they gain the Charming trait for free.
If the Lust domain is chosen the Cleric can cast Unnatural Lust as a spell-like ability(Sp) once per day after 5th level. Twice at tenth, 3 at 15th, and 4 at 20th. They add 1/2 their CHA modifier to the DC at 10th level. (Charm)

Tana the Coy Flame

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