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Welcome to Verim!

Here is a rough table of contents!
Highmost Four – Some simple details on the foremost deities of Verim.

Some New Energy Types not normally shown, but present in Verim.

Deities, NPC’s, and Player Characters – The custom pantheon of deities for Verim are listed here, and so are the npc’s. Player characters can be added here if you have received a player invite and accepted.

There are some new feats, traits and other features as well.

The Cities are listed here.

Lands are listed here.

And if you want to see the prologue or the adventure thus far, check out the Adventure Log!

Special Materials not found here?—-final/special-materials
Yes, there are a few that are converted to fit the rules of Verim.

I’ve also got some Homebrew Weaponry listed.

Also here’s the goddamn calendar :D

Plenty more, just click the button on the right side of the screen that says “See All Pages” to check out the rest.

Main Page

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