Verim E2


Soon to Be Heroes

All Stories Have to Start Somewhere

It is the dawn of the 200th year since the last Cataclysm saw The Beast’s breath wreak havoc upon the lands of Verim. Now with the remnants of humanoid civilization collected upon the island country of Athum, adventurers rise from the bastion of society eager to spread wings and soar to the newly undiscovered ends of the world.

After a few years of work, study, and rigorous training, the most recent group of adventurers have spurned forth some bright new prospects. The Adventurer’s Guild – The Hallowed Grounds, is no typical Guild. It trains and prepares one of the biggest commodities around, adventurers. People willing to risk life and limb beyond the Myst on the waters between Athum and the Lost Lands to try and give humanity a chance to expand its horizons again.

Not all start their training at the same time, but even so they complete the first circle around the same time. Their graduation is coming soon, and then it’s on to take requests from the Hallowed Grounds, paying customers, and the Council themselves.

What will they accomplish? Only time will tell…

Cataclysm Occurs…


goodish goodish

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