New Energy Types

Here are some things that are included in our world of Verim that are not in the typical rulebook. All the ones here are energy types not normally seen.

Static Energy

A neutral energy of balance. This energy is only streamlined and certain despite having no lawful or chaotic ties. Rather than healing the living and harming the undead like positive, or vice versa with negative energy; static energy heals or harms relative to their total vitality. If a creature, living or dead, is below 50% of its total hit point value, it heals it. If the creature is above 50%, it is harmed instead.

Creatures with positive AND negative resistance use the the lowest of the two to determine their resistance to static. Immunity to one or the other has no effect unless there is at least resistance to the other, in which case the resistance works and immunity not calculated.

Radiant Damage

Radiant damage is a concentrated, offensive form of positive energy. This burns and sears but is not fire elemental damage. Positive Energy resistance counts as Radiant resistance.
Deals only 1/2 damage to living creatures that positive energy would heal.

Void Damage

Void damage is the concentrated, offensive form of negative energy. This saps and depletes, rotting and corroding the living tissue instantly. Negative Energy resistance counts as Void resistance.
Deals only 1/2 damage to undead creatures or those it would normally heal.

New Energy Types

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